Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No Sound/Wonky Sound on XBox When Watching Video

I ran into a minor problem when trying to watch video on my XBox. The sound on the XBox worked fine, but there was no sound when trying to watch video.

I have a Philips 42 inc PFL LCD television and it is connected to the XBox using a standard HDMI cable. It seems like there is some power saving "feature" of the television where the audio of the television shuts down if there is no HDMI video/audio source when the television powers on.

It seems quite obvious now, but the solution is to power off the TV and turn it back on with the video playing (or with the XBox already on). This will allow the TV to redetect the video/audio source and disable the power save mode.

Another problem I ran into is the audio running about 2 seconds ahead of the video. This problem cannot be solved by power cycling the TV. The solution that worked best for me was to exit the video using the XBox controller and Restart it from the XBox menus.

Hope that helps!