Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ANOTHER eBay Con Artist Buyer!

Another friggin' eBay buyer tried to scam me this week! I sold an old laptop (purchased in 2000) for $81. The buyer ignored the details of my listing and requested the following two things:
  • He wanted to ship the item to Russia via EMS (I stated continental US only)
  • He wanted to make the payment through Western Union (I stated PayPal only)
First of all, I was pissed that this asshole bid on my auction without reading the clear instructions that I took the time to write. I was enraged when I realized this guy was trying to scam me.

Both of his requests were red flags to me. Furthermore, his account only had two positive feedback responses and he was only an eBay member for 6 months.

I was willing to compromise on shipping the item to Russia, but I was not willing to budge on using Western Union. I was completely unfamiliar with using Western Union and I was not willing to get out of my comfort zone to accommodate this illiterate ass-clown.

I told him "no dice."

Upon further investigation, I found this posting:

It basically says that in cases like these, you will recieve an email from Western Union stating that a payment has been made to you. The buyer will then request that you ship the item immediately. Of course, the email is fake email sent from the con artist OR it is a real email from Western Union that requires a special code to redeem. If the case is the latter, the con artist will never send you the special code.
Ok, cancel deal, i leave good fedback for you, and hope you leave good for me. Usual americans agree sent to Russia, but as you wish.
Regards Oleg
Gee thanks, ass-wipe. Consider yourself reported to eBay Safe Harbor.


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