Sunday, July 30, 2006

Looking for the special person

For some reason, I found this this spam email quite interesting:

Hello my friend. My name is Sveta.
I am very sociable and clever girl.
I have good sense of humour. I am very like romanticism.
My birthday on Semtember, 6, 1979. I have finished the
state university, a trade the manager.
I work in big low corporation.
I am looking for the person which will not play with me in
games and to ask me erotic photos.! For me it is necessary
simple kind and able to love the main thing the person.
I want serious relations and I dream of the present family.
I am very trustful, naive, but can and take offence if I will
understand that use me. I do not like very much when
someone deceive me. If you this person which I need that
please write to me! =) I will be glad to find out you in
more details. I use the Internet because I want to increase a
circle of search of my second half. The previous attempts
to find the love, have ended with failure. The Internet for me
is a new thing. And except for mail I do
not know as it still it is possible to use, but I hope
I will soon learn. My hobbies equestrian sport to skate.
I very like to float. I love dances Very much! If you want
to comunicate with me, please write me:
I shall answer any questions. I wait for your reply very soon.

The interesting thing about this email is that I know it is complete crap, but I still want to email the sender back to see what the deal is. Are they going to follow through if I request pictures and a phone number?

The sender's email address is, which is a German domain name. I went to the web site, and it looks like a small German internet cafe. "projekt suedkurve" translates to "project southcircle," but that doesn't really mean much to me.

The other domain name that this person used was "," which looks like it is a Russian law firm. The sentence "I work in big low corporation..." must be a misspelling of "law corporation."

It just seems so inplausible that some Russian girl would be sitting at home so lonely that she would buy an email list and proceed to spam everyone on it in search of her better half.

Since the URL looks legit, I have to believe that is a real email address that goes to a real person. I couldn't find anyone named Sveta on the company's "Legal Team" page, so I assume it is a non-lawyer type employee.

Most likely, some disgruntled employee or ex-boyfriend chose the passive-agressive route to getting back at poor Sveta. He got access to some email list and spammed everyone on it with this fake tale of desperation.


Blogger stoNe said...

Hello there...

I just received a few email from Sveta, the first email are the same from what you received.

She forwarded 2 other emails to me with her photos. But both photos are 2 different people. HAHAHAHA...

Out of curiosity I googled and got your site. Thanks for your blog. Your info's very helpfull.


4:24 AM  

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